Material Comparison

by Elements, Inc

Material Comparison

Elements offers a wide selection of materials to allow you to select one that fits your needs and budget. Use the table below to help you find the best fit for your signage needs.

Sandblasted Cedar

Sandblasted Cedar
Description 1.5" thick clear cedar with sandblasted recessed background and raised graphics. Primed and painted with premium latex house paint.
"Look and Feel" Very soft residential feel;  more rustic that other materials; can be painted in any color scheme
Durability To maintain optimum appearance, should be repainted every ~5 years.
Price Moderate to high priced; long term durability but requires regular maintenance.
Colors Standard or custom
Maintenance Higher maintenance required; Regular repainting of sign panels 3 to 5 yrs. typically.


Description Fabricated from .080 aluminum. Painted with an extremely durable two part acrylic polyeurathaine paint. 
"Look and Feel" Clean contemporary appearance.
Durability Depending on sun expose and paint color, 7-9 year maintenance interval.
Price Moderately to high  priced; long term durability; requires very little maintenance.
Colors Standard or custom background color. Standard or custom raised letter color. One of 100 standard graphic colors smooth vinyl graphic.
Maintenance Requires  little maintenance;  If vinyl graphics are applied , may need new in 5 to 7 yrs.

Engraved Poly

Engraved Poly
Description 1/2" thick UV stabilized marine grade polyethylene.
"Look and Feel" Sharp residential feel 
Durability Extremely durable and weather resistant; No paint to chip or peel.
Price Moderate to low priced material having excellent long term durability
Colors 16 Designer color combinations, many of them exclusive to Elements, Inc.
Maintenance Very little to no maintenance required; can be cleaned with water.

Printed Signs, MDO & composite Aluminum

MDO Plywood
Description Medium density overlay plywood;  primed and painted; digitally printed or vinyl graphics applied.
"Look and Feel" Smooth graphics and semi-permanent in appearance.
Durability Optimum appearance for 1 or 2 years, then color may start to fade. Disposable.
Price Lowest priced material used for shorter duration projects.
Colors Standard Pantone Colors
Maintenance Use for 1 to 2 year disposable marketing signs.


Description Stone or Brick surface with frost footings; fabricated in the field; Metal letters or sign panels attached; Used primarily for entrance monuments.
"Look and Feel" Very permanent and massive in size;  used primarily for entrance monuments.
Durability Requires little maintenance;  can be cleaned if necessary.
Price Highest price of all materials;  Greatest longevity of all materials; used for permanent signage.
Colors Standard masonry materials
Maintenance Requires little or very little maintenance;  can be cleaned if necessary.

Synthetic Stucco

Synthetic Stucco
Description Fabricated from foam, coated with textured hardening agent; used primarily for entrance monuments; metal letters or metal signs are attached to surface.
"Look and Feel" Residential and large in scale.
Durability Structure may need a fresh coat of house paint every 5-7 years.
Price Higher priced due to larger sized three dimensional aspects and long term durability.
Colors Standard latex paint colors.
Maintenance Requires very little maintenance.